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Well-prepared clients help their cases go more smoothly. Clients can save time and money by gathering facts and carefully considering what goals they want to achieve. To help our lawyers analyze your case and give better advice, it is helpful for you to assemble the following documents about your case and provide them to our office.

If your Pennsylvania family law case involves divorce and equitable distribution of the marital estate, you should assemble the following documents:

If your Pennsylvania family law case involves child support or spousal support , the documents you should assemble include:

If your Pennsylvania family law case involves child custody , the documents you should assemble can include:

our attorneys and staff. If there are skeletons in the closet (or a few loose bones) regarding finances, extramarital relationships, or other issues, it is best to be candid with us about such matters so they can be dealt with if necessary. A client usually is worse off when adverse information comes up for the first time in the middle of a trial or the middle of negotiations since the attorney may not be fully prepared to respond to the disclosures.

Although this may be a time of stress, it also is a time to plan for the future. Clients should develop goals for the short-term and long term, and try to figure out how the issues of property, support, and time with children will fit into those goals. By identifying which issues are most important and which issues are less crucial, clients will help themselves and our lawyers resolve the problem in an orderly way while developing a reasonable plan for the future. Remember, a well-prepared client with a realistic set of goals is the best kind of client a family lawyer can have!

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