Reasons people get divorced in under 5 years

You’ve probably heard about some of the long-term reasons that people get divorced. Maybe they just grew apart over a decade or two of marriage. Maybe the kids grew up and moved out of the house, and being empty-nesters caused a couple to reconsider their relationship.

But what about the other side of the coin? What about people who get divorced very quickly, such as in the first five years? Why does that happen?

Marriage doesn’t cure relationship problems

Some people have the misguided idea that marriage can actually fix some of the issues they have in their relationship before the tie the knot. Maybe they have a jealous partner, for instance, who always lashes out emotionally if they ever talk to someone of the opposite sex. They assume that getting married will cure that jealousy, but the truth is that the problem sticks around after the wedding day. Eventually, seeing that marriage didn’t cure everything, they get divorced.

They don’t carefully consider the person they’re marrying

People often get married because they feel like it’s the next step in the relationship or because it’s something they always expected to do. They may put far less thought than you’d assume into who they are marrying and what that relationship will look like. This can cause a quick divorce when they see what life is actually going to be like.

They get married too young and/or too fast

Some people rush into marriage, especially at a young age, just because they feel so in love. It’s true that young marriages fail at greater rates than marriages when people get a bit older. Some studies have found that, for those who do not want to split up in those first crucial five years, the best age range for a wedding is from 28 to 32. Getting married at 18 may feel exciting, but it makes divorce more likely.

They don’t talk about money issues

People often say “money causes divorce.” That’s true for many couples, especially if they don’t talk about it in advance. They may not think that money matters because they care about each other so much, for instance, but a few years of struggling with massive debt and failing to pay the bills can certainly change that point of view. Communication, especially about financial matters, is critical in any healthy relationship.

Ending your marriage

Are you and your spouse going to get divorced? No matter how long the two of you have stayed married, if it is time to end your marriage, it is important to understand the legal steps in Pennsylvania that you need to take moving forward.

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