Financial Care For Your Child

Child support determinations can be a significant issue in a family law case. Pennsylvania law has detailed a complex formula for determining child support payments for a separated parent. The goal is to ensure fair and adequate financial support for the child’s growth and well-being.

Our legal team at Randi J. Vladimer, P.C., has practiced family law exclusively since 1991. We have a thorough understanding of child support laws and can counsel you on the repercussions these guidelines may have on your case.

The Legal Process Of Filing For Child Support

The first step in seeking a child support award is to file a complaint with the court to establish a right to collect support. After filing the paperwork, the other parent must be notified before a review of both parents’ finances will be conducted. We work with our clients one-on-one to assist them in each step of this process.

How The Court Determines The Correct Amount Of Child Support

Granting of a child support award is typically to ensure both parents are contributing their fair share to the upbringing of the child. The court determines child support calculations based on each parent’s monthly net income, drawing from sources that include:

  • Wage/salary
  • Overtime payments
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Interest
  • Retirement income
  • Social Security retirement
  • Lump-sum awards
  • Unemployment/disability payments
  • Workers’ compensation

After calculation of the net incomes, the court will apply the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines to determine how much the parent will pay. This formula is quite complicated and considers factors such as:

  • Each parent’s net income
  • Day care and schooling expenses
  • Medical expenses, including insurance costs
  • Living arrangements and standard of living of the child
  • Costs of any extracurricular activities

To secure fair child support terms, be sure to compile all the necessary paperwork to show the financial needs of your child and the earnings of each parent. Learn more about how you can help us in your case.

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