Your Rights And Obligations Concerning Relocation Of Your Child

Once a judge has determined which parent will have custody of the child and has agreed to the noncustodial parent’s plan for visitation, it can be complicated to make modifications. The court is only interested in what is best for the child, and it wants to prevent disruption in their life. Pennsylvania family law has a multistep legal process in place that a parent must go through to make modifications to existing agreements.

Our attorneys at Randi J. Vladimer, P.C., have practiced family law exclusively since 1991 and are acutely aware of what it takes to petition the court for a modification to your agreement. We know how to appeal to the court and the best measures to have your child modification requests heard.

Requirements Concerning Relocation Of A Child

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided that the custodial parent must file a notice with the court when they plan to relocate with their child. Once you file the notice, you can move to any area within the state that does not prevent the noncustodial parent from exercising their parental rights.

Filing an objection to the notice of relocation is a way for the noncustodial parent to contest the move. Your lawyer will help guide you through the legal process of filing the paperwork and notifying the court and the noncustodial parent.

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