Take caution when asking your spouse for a divorce

It sounds simple enough to ask your spouse for a divorce, but as you prepare for the process you will come to find that there are many challenges in your way. And if you do not take the right approach, you could make a mistake that results in additional stress and tension.

Here are three tips to implement when asking for a divorce:

  • Stick to the basics, for now: You are having this conversation for one reason only: To tell your spouse that you want a divorce. This is generally not the right time to talk about what this means, such as who will get custody of the children and who will keep the family home.
  • Safety first: If you have any reason to think that your spouse could become violent, you should not discuss your divorce in a private setting. It is best to do so over the phone or in a public place. Yes, this has its own challenges, but your safety should always come first.
  • Do not reconsider: You have thought long and hard about asking your spouse for a divorce, and it took a lot to get to this point. Don’t go back now, even if your spouse tells you things will be different in the future.

When you take these basic steps, you’ll find it easier to ask your spouse for a divorce. This will still cause tension between the two of you, but at least you’re positioned to move past the conversation and onto the process of a divorce itself.

As you prepare for your divorce, take all the steps necessary to understand and protect your legal rights.


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