Relocating with a child after divorce? Prepare for a heated talk.

If you’re ready to relocate for work or a new opportunity, having a child and an ex-spouse can be an issue. As a parent who is ready to move forward with your life, you still have to make accommodations for your child and your ex-spouse’s relationship with them.

If you share custody now, the idea that you could take your child with you to a new location might be heavily challenged. You may do well if you relocate, but your ex-spouse is bound to ask if that’s really what is in your child’s best interests, especially if they won’t see them as often as they’d like.

What should you do if you want to relocate with your child after a divorce?

This is not an uncommon situation, so the first thing you’ll want to do is remember that you’re not alone. Your attorney will understand what you’re going through and be able to provide you with support if you’re going to seek primary custody to take your child with you.

Before turning to the court for help, one thing you can do is talk to your ex-spouse. Tell them about the opportunity you have, and explain why this would be an excellent opportunity for your child. For example, if your job would pay $20,000 more a year and take you to an area with better schools, you may explain that your child would benefit from the better education and financial support they’d have.

Another thing you should account for is the parenting time your ex is going to lose. If you live an hour away, then the outcome of your discussion may be significantly different than if you’re planning to move across the country. Before you breach the subject of moving, have ideas prepared. Explain how you plan to make shared custody and visitation possible. Will you pay for your child to get a flight to the other parent’s home? Will you have custody during the school year and send them to their other parent’s home in the summer? Have ideas ready to discuss.

If your ex won’t consider the idea of you moving away with your child, you can ask the court to intervene and allow you to move with them. Keep in mind that you will need to build a strong case showcasing why this change is in your child’s best interests and how their relationship with the other parent will be able to be supported in the future.

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