Why you should fight for joint custody

If you are a Radnor parent who is going through a divorce, you could feel pressured to allow you soon-to-be ex-spouse to have sole custody of your child(ren). They may argue that it will just be on paper, and you can still see them as often as you like. They may claim it will simplify doctor’s visits or school affairs to have a single parent in the driver’s seat for these decisions.

Perhaps you countered that the single person might as well be you, then. When that didn’t go well, you may even have considered their position.

Don’t. You are the parent, too. Unless there are some extraordinary circumstances in your family that would preclude joint custody, don’t give away this ground. It will be far easier to defend your rights to joint custody now than to petition the court later to change the terms.

Besides, there are many good reasons for awarding joint custody to both parents, including that it keeps them more firmly entrenched in their children’s lives than the drive-by parenting experiences of some parents who cede this control without a fight.

We can help you fight for joint custody and win. Even if your work schedule dictates that the kids will live most of the time with their other parent, retaining joint custody allows you to still be involved in the major decisions to be made in your child’s life. Educational options, religious persuasions and health care matters are important, and both parents should have input into the decisions that affect their children.

If your former spouse is pushing hard for sole custody, give us a call. We will fight hard for your rights to parent your kids.

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